Our corporate governance framework delineates the authority, strategy and controls that help us achieve our vision as a company. We uphold responsible corporate governance by applying best practices in corporate structure, sound financial management systems and compliance with all laws and regulations. We operate with the highest ethical standards to keep us accountable to our shareholders, workers, stakeholders and the public.

We take the integrity of our business and operations seriously. That’s why the Board of Directors established a Whistleblower Policy and procedures to provide all employees a channel to confidentially and anonymously report any breach to our code of conduct and ethics. The system allows employees to bring forward concerns without risk of retaliation and establishes an independent mechanism to investigate and uphold accountability through our Audit Committee.

Meet Our Board

The Conifex board is at the heart of good corporate governance. The board lends its collective expertise to carry out its responsibilities in strategic oversight, performance management and compliance with integrity.


Conifex (CFF) is a next-generation forestry company that specializes in full fibre utilization. Our goal is to provide economic benefit to the communities in which we operate and superior returns to our shareholders through sustainable stewardship of our resources and safe and efficient production at our facilities.

To achieve this objective, we intend to develop new revenue streams around our core lumber business. Our growth potential is underpinned by a robust fibre basket that enables us to increase lumber production and our bioeconomy footprint.

Conifex (CFF) is a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.